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Willem Peter, where have you been hiding all this time?

I like what you say. Take care of the ego. time moves on, for every road into the future, there is a centurion guarding the past; we need both.



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Pessimistic also . . . in this line of thinking.

Although I booze and chain smoke, the vast ego has dissolved

to a place where it is taken care of better.

One can simply dump it. To have an ego is bourgeois, a corporate

thing to carry around. To be or not to be = to be and not toy be.

To be real, one has to withdraw to nature these days. To the calm

process of wonder. Durrell was a great teacher, I remember to have

found his books in the right order on the book shelves of my friends.

The Quartet. Even more, I re-read Borges in dark nights, and 

re connected  with his wonderous universe. 

There is a self, and a over self. This is the way to grow, is not 

found in the youth, but in advanced study and knowledge.

Durrell has lived on the edges of a culture doomed to fade.

The dance of decades.  A master in that. 

It has to fade away, his work, into oblivion.

Every decade has its master, or faster.

No one steers the wheel. Apparatus is the new god.

Apps. You, believers of the word, in your corner,

I will read your post in the way of visiting a grave.

Salut, Willem Peter.

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 11:47 PM, Denise Tart & David Green <dtart at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

  Writers used to be big news in the pre and early television age. My dad remembers people like Brendan Behan and Dylan Thomas making head lines and Hemmingway too. That's not the case now. I mainly hear about writers and books on the Public Radio i.e. the ABC or in Arts sections of SOME weekend papers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age or the Australian. Otherwise it is all about politicians, terrorists, the rich and fatuous (very few writers) sport and business. Corporatisation and the destruction of people into market segments is insidious and pervasive and education is no different. I see little attention to critical thinking, but a lot on producing a certain 'type' of person. watch out for Global Standard Person. Durrell and Miller would turn in their respective graves. Maybe the writers need to be more outrageous like Houllebecq or go on Barnstorming benders like Behan and Thomas. When I writers interviewed these days, they all sound so nice and tame and modest and look way too fit. Where  are the chain smoking booze artists with vast egos and libidos. where is Anais Nin?
  maybe they are out there, hiding their light under a bushel. Perhaps medical science can bring Ernest back to life?

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    I'm pessimistic about the future of literature.  I agree with David Green. We live in an age without great writers and without an appreciation of greatness.  The culture has radically changed.  Corporate culture has taken over, and that includes both the publishing industry and the academic production of MFAs.  It's all about the "bottom line" and standardization.


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