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I appreciate the discussions that have been shared, and particularly David
Green’s recent question: “…Durrell is still being read, but by whom it is
hard to say: students, uni types? aging baby boomers?” The metrics that
might answer that question are problematical: Amazon ranks? Twitter
mentions? I personally love used bookstores and always look for
Durrell/Miller/Nin/Perles et al. If there is a way to quantify those used
book sales (or browsing activity - or a survey of college and university
literature courses?) I am unaware of it. There are a lack of metrics, but I
think we all have the sense that some of our favorite writers are ‘out of
fashion’ at the moment. The cover review of the New York Times Book Review
two days ago on the new biography of Nobel laureate Saul Bellow states:
“Bellow admirers in their 20s and 30s are increasingly hard to find.” No
support for that statement is given, but it sounds right.

These things happen: the tides go in and out. As a science fiction fan I am
pleased that all of Philip K. Dick’s books appear to be in print, decades
after his death. 20 years ago I had to comb the used bookstores for those
titles. I predict Durrell and Miller (who both coveted the Nobel and were
disappointed) will both stand up again, like boxers with gloves raised.
There’s a very seductive review of a new book on Miller’s time in Big Sur
in the latest number (12) of A Café in Space, the Nin journal, that I would
definitely like to read. And a friend of mine recently purchased Growing Up
Jewish in Alexandria: The Story of a Sephardic Family’s Exodus from Egypt
by Lucienne Carasso. I asked him if he read it but haven’t heard back yet.
Sounds like something we would be interested in.

Cheers - Ken
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