[ilds] Who's reading Lazza today?

Denise Tart & David Green dtart at bigpond.net.au
Tue May 5 15:16:52 PDT 2015

A related question for us here might be who's reading Durrell today, and 
then writing?  

Well, if the local bookstores are anything to go by, Durrell is still being read, but by whom it is hard to say: students, uni types? aging baby boomers?
I see the odd copy here and there, mainly from the quartet. As to his being taught and written about, James you would know about this, surely?
I see Miller's books more often. Jo Hines felt that Larry may have had his day, that his prose style was out of favour and indeed perhaps he is not left wing or right wing enough?
Although Tunc and Nunquam can be seen as satires on the corporations, we do not find Durrell embracing the kind of global issues around today - in the way that Houellebecq has just done
or those who's works depict environmental or social catastrophe, slum clearance or race riots in US cities. Is Durrell on the reading lists in USA, UK? he aint here in the Antipodes. I got my wife's book club to read Bitter Lemons. They liked it and rated it 4 out of 5. Would Durrell's publishers have information on sales and distribution?? 
And James you may be right about experimentation in the smaller magazines etc, but how great is it? Those magazines are not necessarily easy to get published in. They can be run by coteries of people who just publish each others stuff or have political/social agendas going on.


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