[ilds] Durrell the moviegoer

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Sun Apr 26 11:38:09 PDT 2015

How often did Durrell go to the movies?  He was primarily a reader, but Ian McNiven reports in his biography that Durrell saw the film Lost Horizon (1937) “three or four times” and that in Paris, during his Villa Seurat days, he “was determined to see those [films] he had missed by living on Corfu” (p. 180).  This would suggest he was a frequent moviegoer.  It may also suggest he was influenced by some of them.  Recall the film Judith (1965) and his involvement with the production.  In “Egyptian Moments” (1978), Durrell mentions several actors on the cast of the making of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile:  Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, Peter Ustinov, and David Niven.  I would suggest movies were more than recreation for LD.

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