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Hi Bruce,

Indeed, I read the book when Mike was preparing it for publication.  The 
challenge with a press like Edwin Mellen is that it sees the author as 
the ideal editor..., which is almost never viable.  It also means the 
book is hard to get outside of libraries since the cost is high:


Diboll and Haag had a spirited dispute over the book in 2006 if anyone 
wants to see the topics under discussion, but unfortunately, it was the 
year before we migrated the list to its current home at UVic, so there's 
no searchable institutional archive for it.

The ILDS has talked about producing a repository of materials. If it's 
out of print, perhaps Mike would be interested in doing a revised 
edition (are you on the list still, Mike?).

All best,

On 2015-02-01 11:24 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> I’ve about finished reading Diboll’s /Lawrence Durrell’s /Alexandria
> Quartet/in Its Egyptian Contexts/ (2004) and am quite impressed with the
> book, although it has major flaws (stylistic, grammatical, scholarly).
>   Diboll’s main argument provides a historical background to the
> /Quartet/ and does great justice to Durrell’s depth of understanding re
> the British and Egyptian socio-political situation.  His analysis of the
> /Wafd/ (the nationalist/liberal party in Egypt, 1919-52) and the David
> Mountolive-Leila Hosnani “allegory” is persuasive.  I’m less
> enthusiastic about Diboll’s analogy between Durrell’s “African Darkenss”
> and Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” but this is a matter of interpretation
> and preference.  I like the way Diboll deals with Said’s “Orientalism”
> in reference to the /Quartet./  I’d also like to see the book reissued
> as a revised edition.  The argument, however, is repetitious and needs
> to be reduced by perhaps a quarter or more.  I highly recommend the
> book.  It certainly deserves recognition and a wide audience.
> Bruce
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