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What were Durrell's Egyptological sources for The Alexandria Quartet?  I have been able to identify only one — Anthony De Cosson's Mareotis (1935) — which is a highly, highly superficial account.  Did Durrell have access to any of the standard, scholarly histories, e.g., Flinders Petrie's History of Egypt (1894, 1896), J. H. Breasted's History of Egypt (1909),  John A. Wilson's Burden of Egypt (1951), or any others of a popular kind.  I assume these books would have been in his library, now in Paris.  Yes, Egyptology does not play a major role in the Quartet, but there are some references that suggest Durrell knew somethings about the subject.  According to Ian MacNiven in his biography, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo was closed during the war, so Durrell wouldn't have had access to the largest single collection of ancient Egyptian materials 

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