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Bruce, Ken would probably point out that provence is evoked well in the Quintet, but I reckon the spirits of place are ghosts; the books are haunted, haunted by the past and by loss. If the early Durrell is lemon/citrus colours, The Quintet is shades of grey and darkness on the edge of town. I'll be over there next year. Going to see the Vampire House, take vin blanc at St. Maries Sur La Mere the TGV up to Paris for Durrell/Miller sites and also later RW Hedges guided tour of Larry's London.


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> These thirty-three drawings bear close study and raise a couple of interesting questions.  Assuming the portfolio is complete, six of the drawings pertain to characters (2, 3, 4, 5, 22, 30) — but no Balthazar, Melissa, or Clea — the remainder depict places in Alexandria.  The real subject matter is Alexandria itself, the city of the 30s and 40s, as inspired by Durrell's Quartet.  On the whole, this is admirable, I think.  Darley (2) looks like a young Durrell (minus today's 3-day growth of beard — perhaps an anachronism, for the author was clean shaven), and Durrell's main residence in the city — the Ambron Villa, which is not in the Quartet, as I recall — gets drawn (6).  So, Georgiadis salutes the author, in the prime of his youth.  Could Georgiadis have done the same with scenes from The Avignon Quintet?  This is entirely a hypothetical, but I don't think so.  True, Paul Hogarth in The Mediterranean Shore:  Travels in Lawrence Durrell Country (1988) has great watercolors of various places in the Quintet.  These, however, owe more to Hogarth's abilities than to Durrell's prose, in my opinion.  I'm arguing that the Quintet lacks "spirit of place."  I'm sure Charles disagrees.
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