[ilds] Sue Gee on Durrell on Corfu and Cyprus

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 16 11:19:38 PDT 2014

James, thanks for forwarding Sue Gee's essay, "Where the Blue Really Begins," appearing in Slightly Foxed 42 (June 2014).  Here's a note on her article.

Gee provides her early response to Prospero's Cell (1945) and Bitter Lemons (1957).  Her memory is faulty but instructive.  Both books are about loss, as David Green affirms, and both books create a very appealing portrait of the author.   Like the dust jackets Gee still remembers, the "mysterious green" of PC and the bold "lemon-yellow" of BL, Durrell remains both alluring and heroic, another Byron, the hero who does indeed get mentioned.  Both of these personae are invented, although Gee seems unaware of this, perhaps because she too "dotes" on her "English teacher."  I'm saying there are two Durrells:  Lawrence Durrell the author and Lawrence G. Durrell the man.


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