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Sumantra Nag sumantranag at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 05:06:54 PDT 2014

I agree with Bruce about the stimulating section-by-section discussions of
Justine on ILDS in 2005. I was an interested reader rather than a
contributor, then, revelling in the academic application of so many minds to
Justine. Many other extended discussions on Durrell - and the Quartet in
particular - took place on this exceptional forum in those days.

Over the last few years I once suggested the revival of such a discussion on
ILDS and I am glad that Bruce has made a similar suggestion. 

A vibrant  online discussion took place on The Guardian in 2012 for a month
when the AQ was discussed on the occasion of Durrell's centenary. ("In
Alexandria it is always afternoon . . ." - I remember a spontaneous comment
of this kind, which captures the reader's absorption of the atmosphere of
Alexandria as created  by Durrell, but also speaking of the mood associated
with Levantine towns.)

Best wishes


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Thanks, James, for the update, and thanks for your time as moderator.  The
demise of Pine's enterprise is a pity but perhaps inevitable.  The passing
of an era in Durrellian studies.  Re the ILDS listserv itself, time seems to
be the problem here ? the time and effort required to keep discussions
active and ongoing.  I recall the glory days of the listserv in 2005 (?),
when the threesome of Gifford, Sligh, and Godshalk began moderating a
section-by-section discussion of Justine.  A very big audience was drawn in,
and everyday I'd get about 40 emails on the day's topic.  If the ILDS wants
that kind of attention again, then something similar should be resumed.  The
implication is that the list needs structure and participation.  Anyway,
this is just something to think about.


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