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Recently I read some chapters from Peter Ackroyd's excellent 'Albion: the Origins of the English Imagination' in which there is a wonderful chapter on William Shakespeare. Now as you know Durrell was very keen on Shakespeare and the Elizabethans. Here is a passage that could has well apply to him as to the bard of Avon:

"It is well known that he depended on the plots, and even the words of others; he lifted passages from North and borrowed images from Ovid. There is hardly a play of his which is not established upon some earlier source, historic or dramatic, so that he corresponds to the English archetype; he seems most original when he borrows most freely. Like the language and the nation itself he is altogether receptive, taking up external and foreign constituents and moulding them instinctively to his own purposes." (p 222)


"the truest poetry is the most feigned" (p 222)


" In his art of remembering and restoration, all the resources of his imagination clustered around words and images so that they were immeasurably strengthened and deepened; they became echoic with past and present life, instinct with powerful intuition which is the verbal equivalent of feeling, a once startlingly new and hauntingly familiar." (p 223)


Days fade
to a scattering of birds.
trees darken and
twilight bushes hold fairy stories
as people drift home
to fires and wine;
reality TV or 
leftover hours to kill,
the radio or Mozart,
dogs asleep upon the carpet
and books you always
meant to read
and know you never will.

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