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No one is going to argue with Anna. I feel that would be a grave mistake.

If she read 50 books by Englishmen in Greece, I agree that this must be a
bona fide genre in its own right.

However - I still feel a distinction can be made between a book like A Time
of Gifts by PLF versus Prospero's Cell. The former is a true travelogue,
while the latter is...what it is.

Cheers - Ken

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Anna Lillios <anna at ucf.edu> wrote:

> Two notes:
> 1)  PROSPERO'S CELL can be considered in the genre of travel books written
> by British travelers to Greece, beginning with Lord Byron.  As a grad.
> student I read around 50 of these travelogues and found that the authors
> follow a pattern: there's a search for spiritual illumination among
> classical landscapes, criticism of local Greeks for not living up their
> literary forebears, use of classical allusions and metaphors, etc.  In a
> sense, PROSPERO'S CELL goes against this grain, in that Durrell appreciated
> the contemporary citizens of Greece and their culture.
> 2)  Years ago (maybe in 1988), I accompanied Ian and Susan as they
> searched for traces of Durrell's life in Corfu.  We met relatives of the
> aristocratic family members, including the Palatianos, with whom Durrell
> hobnobbed in Corfu town and visited a house that "Count D" possibly
> inhabited.  In his biography of Durrell, Ian claims that Count D was "not
> based on a single individual, but is apparently a composite character
> grounded on several of Larry's Corfiote friends, despite the fact that
> Larry would identify the original of the Count to Henry Miller as his old
> friend Dr. Palatiano" (MacNiven 293) [LD to HM, c. October 1945, DML 186].
>  Durrell originally labeled the Count as "C" in one draft and then changed
> his name to "D" in the final.  Palatiano's first name was Constantine.
>      Anna
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