[ilds] Bisexual Love

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 08:47:44 PDT 2014

According to Michael Haag on 4/8/07 (ILDS list), "[Durrell] originally wanted Justine to be described as 'an investigation of bisexual love,' but Faber objected and so it became the anodyne and meaningless 'investigation of modern love.'"  Haag is referring to the Note at the beginning of the 1958 edition of Balthazar.

What is Haag's source for this claim (original MS? letter? interview? etc.) — indeed, has it been verified? — and has this claim been published anywhere?  If so, what is the citation?  Neither Bowker nor MacNiven mention the change from "bisexual" to "modern" in their biographies.

By the way, the Google search function on the ILDS website is most helpful!  My thanks to the webmaster.


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