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James, others

Went over to Glebe this morning to check out a poetry reading venue at a bookstore called Sappho's (yes) and it had the biggest selection of LGD books I have so far seen in Sydney; all second hand AND to my surprise two first edition hardback Faber's of Tunc & Nunquam. Grabbed them as I don't have them and have not read them. Haag and MacNiven spoke highly of them. Glebe is a lovely bohemian area of Sydney and one the poetic and artsy centres of the great metrop. Durrell's shelf space in the bookstore far exceeded Henry Miller.
The woman at the pay desk said that she felt there was a growing interest in Larry's works. I told her the bookstore had the same name at Durrell's second daughter. I imagine Faber first editions of Tunc and Nunquam are quite rare?
No Paddy Fermor anywhere.



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