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Some years back Brewster Chamberlin, I believe, talked about putting together a book of photos of Lawrence Durrell.  That would be very valuable!


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> I met Carlos Freire in Paris at the time that the LD archive was opened at Nanterre. A charming, courteous and modest gentleman who showed me some superb pix of LD which I don;t think have ever been published. A very fine photographer (if that mere word can be used to describe such an artist).
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> The
> Alexandrian book which Marc refers to is a lavish book of
> photos of Alexandria by the Brazilian photographer Carlos
> Freire see 
> http://www.verinhaottoni.com/carlosfreire/. 
> If the link works, you will see a
> photo of Carlos third on the right (bearded man). Robert
> Sole, the Cairo born novelist wrote the introduction. Do not
> be put off by the photos of the 1985 male model of the same
> name if you Google.
> Sole was born in Cairo in 1946 and
> lives in and works from Paris; I think his 'first '
> language for his writing is French. Harvill Press published
> several of his novels in the 1990's and many are still
> in print in English translation. It must be 20+ years since
> I have read them but I think that some are set in Alexandria
> and are worth tracking down. 
> Carlos knew LD very well and over
> the years many of Carlos' photos of LD have appeared in
> print. Carlos' web page is very uninspiring but LD wrote
> a short preface for a slim album of Carlos' photos - the
> title of which escapes me now. The French academic journal
> 'Confluences' has used Carlos' photos for its
> editions devoted to D's work.
> Carlos kindly let me use a couple of
> his photos of LD in Delos books. I think I first saw his
> work in the French Magazine Litteraire interview with LD.
> Carlos , unlike any other photographer of D, captures a wide
> range of the aspects of D's personality. 
> I have done this note from my desk
> two floors from my Durrell collection so hope my citations
> are accurate. For that reason I have to rely on memory but
> there is a good book by Edmund Keeley for fans of writing
> about 'modern' Alex - ' Cavafy's
> Alexandria'( still in print from
> Princeton)
> Peter
> Baldwin

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