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My experience with the Durrell Estate, as managed by Curtis Brown in London, is that the Estate simply wants some percentage of whatever income is generated by sales.  So why wouldn't the Estate grant permission?  I think the problem is in finding a major publisher.  Let's be honest — Durrell is not a popular writer, and nowadays the big academic presses are very "bottom-line" conscious.  MacNiven and Faber came out with his excellent biography in 1998 — but no revised edition.  Why not?  Princeton published Pinchin's Alexandria Still (1977) and Yale Haag's City of Memory (2004), but both books have broad coverage and are not devoted to Durrell alone.  So the projected audience is diverse.  The only exception I can think of is Morrison's very good A Smile in His Mind's Eye (2005), published by U of Toronto.  Anyway, that's my take on the problem.  And it seems to me that scholarship in Durrellian studies is much impeded by lack of ready access to his correspondence.  Not many will travel to Carbondale or Athens to read letters.


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> On 2014-06-23, 9:01 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Any efforts by some ambitious scholar  to compile
>> Durrell's voluminous correspondence?  I guess the
>> question is, who would publish it?
> Would the estate permit it, and at what cost?  Those are the questions I'd ask first, and they might be prohibitive.  I don't think there would be great difficulty in finding a publisher.
> -James
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