[ilds] ILDS listserv | general notes

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 20:27:19 PDT 2014

Dear all,

A few administrative updates:

1) If you wish to receive a copy of your own posted messages, this is in 
your own account options in the listserv.  I cannot change it for you -- 
you need to login and set it yourself.  It conforms to whatever options 
you chose when you subscribed.  If you no longer remember the password 
you selected for yourself, you can reset it or request a reminder 

2) While debate and disagreement are welcome, please refrain from 
insulting or derogatory messages.  Across nearing 20 years of existence, 
this listserv has had virtually no censorship, and we (administrators) 
would very prefer to keep it that way.

3) If you have received a "bounce" notification, it means your email 
account was returning messages for one of many possible reasons.  This 
doesn't mean anyone has done something to you.  You merely need to 
follow the link and reactivate your account.  "Bounce" notifications are 
meant to close subscriptions when an email account becomes defunct for 
any reason (people leave a job and never closet the email, it becomes 
full, accounts are simply abandoned until they reach capacity, etc...). 
  It's an automated part of any listserv.

3.1) Several microsoft products (hotmail, live, msn, etc.) changed their 
email subscription policies.  If you continue to receive "bounce" 
notifications, please login to the listserv and make sure that your 
email address is correctly written.

All the login information is here:


You can also login through the ILDS website: http://www.lawrencedurrell.org

All best,

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