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David, I'd like to see Joan's photograph of the tableau at the sacrificial altar.  It's not in Cooper's book, although a photo of a naked Xan atop a column is.  Aside from the work done by his editor, Durrell himself edited a lot out of his island books.  Probably for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.  He does, however, seem to allude to private matters.  E.g., the beginning of Bitter Lemons and the colors of Venice described as though "stricken by dementia."  Why dementia?  Well, prior to Venice he'd been visiting Eve in a hospital in Germany where she was being treated for schizophrenia.  Michael Haag has a lot of say about this kind of thing.  Durrell writes in code.


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> "After a few days on Santorini they went to Rhodes, where Lawrence Durrell was living with his second wife, Eve Cohen, in the Villa Cleobolus..'It was an amazing sojourn, spent in talk and music and feasting, ' wrote Paddy. 'Strange things always happened in his company and one afternoon, in the ruins of ancient Camirus, wine sprung curiosity set the four of us crawling on hands and knees through the bat-infested warren of underground conduits. We climbed out covered in droppings and dust and cobwebs...
> With their clothes so torn and filthy, it seemed like a good idea to take them off. They walked on naked and came across a stone that looked just like a sacrificial altar. A tableau was made, photographed by Joan: paddy lay across the stone and Larry held the sacrificial victim's penis, while beetle browed Xan wielded an enormous knife. Then, still naked, they walked along the top of a high wall (where Xan) struck an Eros pose, immortalised in another photo by Joan whom Durrell described as 'The Corn Goddess'. As for Paddy he was described as 'a wonderful mad Irishman... quite the most enchanting maniac I've ever met'."
> From Patrick Leigh Fermor: an Adventure by Artemis Cooper (2012)
> Thought this might amuse/delight/intrigue in the light of recent discussions. By the way, Durrell's own island book are remarkably devoid such such escapades and sexuality. Indeed apart from vague implications and polite descriptions Durrell's island books are quite sexless, unlike the biggies. Perhaps a carefully edited version of himself..
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