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Marc Piel marc at marcpiel.fr
Mon Jun 9 03:53:52 PDT 2014

There is a moving and interesting programme on 
French TV titled "La Parenthèse Inattendue" 
(unexpected parenthesis); It is the meeting of 3 
or 4 public persons (actors, artists, singers, 
journalists, writers...) that spend a weekend 
together in a country house, during which they 
talk about themselves, their career and their 
lives, how they got where they are and why. We, 
the spectators, already know their public lives 
and suddenly discover who they are privately. Thus 
we can see their two lives. Maybe we all have two 
lives without one of them being the opposite to 
the other, but never the less different!
Hope you find this interesting?
Marc Piel
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