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Kennedy Gammage gammage.kennedy at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 08:40:25 PDT 2014

Excellent. I appreciate you hearing me out on this. Again, this is just my
opinion as a long-time Durrell fan and fan of the listserv. (As you know,
this listserv really just ‘came back to life’ a few weeks ago after being
moribund for some time – but when I first became aware of it and signed-up
6 years ago it was very important to me and something of a lifesaver,
because I was under a lot of stress at a job I didn’t like and it gave me
an outlet to talk with and listen to a lot of very bright people who shared
my love of Durrell.)

OK – enough about me. I will quickly state my theory in a few bullet points
and log-off:

• We love Durrell and his writings, but acknowledge his darker side: that
he could be an ugly drunk and a wife beater
• Some of us wonder at the psychology behind that, and have over time
developed theories
• One of these theories, which I do not necessarily endorse, is this
‘Repressed Durrell’ theory which has been so controversial recently
• I think it has been so very controversial because people didn’t
understand where it was coming from, or why it was proposed. In other
words, there was insufficient set-up for it.
• I was an English major in college, not a psychology major – and I tilt
more to Jung than Freud
• Nevertheless, I think this ‘Repressed Durrell’ theory would be much more
palatable if it were couched in Freudian terms. After all, Durrell must
have been very interested in the subject since Freud is an offstage
character in the Avignon Quintet

OK – that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great weekend.

- Ken

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Lee Sternthal <lalexsternthal at gmail.com>

> By all means.  Thanks.  Btw, I think I might be a subscriber for longer; I
> do believe I joined in its earliest stages, though I've mostly been a
> silent observer. W -LS
> > On Jun 6, 2014, at 4:16 PM, Kennedy Gammage <gammage.kennedy at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Let’s try to dial this back. I recognized your name – I’ve been on the
> list for a long time too, maybe not 7 years but at least 5 or 6…
> >
> > This has been a nasty flame war, but there have been flare-ups in the
> past. We can get through this.
> >
> > I think I can understand both sides. In my experience most arguments
> turn out to be based on semantics, or misunderstandings. There is always
> common ground – like the fact that we are all fans of the writings of
> Lawrence Durrell.
> >
> > We all like the writings – and I think we all like the man. We would
> like to have a glass of wine with him and chat.
> >
> > But of course he also had a dark side – if you’ve read the biographies,
> or heard stories about him.
> >
> > He could be charming – but he could have too much to drink and things
> could get ugly. I think any of us who drink may wince with bad memories of
> our own behavior.
> >
> > However, things got darker than that sometimes. I’m not talking about
> incest – because there is no proof it happened, and I don’t think it did.
> But Durrell could be cruel, and a bad dad – saying ugly things upon
> occasion.
> >
> > No – I’m talking about hitting his wives. As far as I know, according to
> Bowker and others, this did happen.
> >
> > Now, Durrell is not the only beloved artist to do this. All of us have
> flaws – but this is a bad flaw!
> >
> > Maybe I should stop here – just to see if you are on board with me so
> far. Because if you are, then maybe I can explain a little further the
> roots of what caused our recent unfortunate dust-up on the listserv. In my
> opinion.
> >
> > Thanks - Ken
> >
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