[ilds] Fair enough Lee

Kennedy Gammage gammage.kennedy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 16:16:52 PDT 2014

Let’s try to dial this back. I recognized your name – I’ve been on the list
for a long time too, maybe not 7 years but at least 5 or 6…

This has been a nasty flame war, but there have been flare-ups in the past.
We can get through this.

I think I can understand both sides. In my experience most arguments turn
out to be based on semantics, or misunderstandings. There is always common
ground – like the fact that we are all fans of the writings of Lawrence

We all like the writings – and I think we all like the man. We would like
to have a glass of wine with him and chat.

But of course he also had a dark side – if you’ve read the biographies, or
heard stories about him.

He could be charming – but he could have too much to drink and things could
get ugly. I think any of us who drink may wince with bad memories of our
own behavior.

However, things got darker than that sometimes. I’m not talking about
incest – because there is no proof it happened, and I don’t think it did.
But Durrell could be cruel, and a bad dad – saying ugly things upon

No – I’m talking about hitting his wives. As far as I know, according to
Bowker and others, this did happen.

Now, Durrell is not the only beloved artist to do this. All of us have
flaws – but this is a bad flaw!

Maybe I should stop here – just to see if you are on board with me so far.
Because if you are, then maybe I can explain a little further the roots of
what caused our recent unfortunate dust-up on the listserv. In my opinion.

Thanks - Ken
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