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Speaking of "substance" I'd like Lee Sternthal to show some evidence that he's actually read Lawrence Durrell's work and that he knows much about his life.  So far — zilch.  No references to the works themselves and no accurate knowledge of the man's life.  Instead, I hear a lot of posturing and hot air.

James, you're doing a great job and thanks for your time and effort.  All of it wasted, it appears.


On Jun 6, 2014, at 1:26 AM, Lee Sternthal <lasternthal at gmail.com> wrote:

> you can't find "racism," "priviledge" or "Fox News" mentioned in this thread, James?  well, i think you're going to have to rename this the Lawrence Durrell twilight zone then.  i'm starting to agree with the learned gentlemen who said this is not necessarily a place to be taken seriously.  informed ignorance in a public forum is sad, especially when reading back through the posts anyone can clearly see these words bandied about whenever one does not like the response they are being given.  it's a coward's refuge meant to shut conversation and neuter dialoge when one can't produce actual evidence, though there are literally thousands of pages at one's disposal to delve into to try and investigate the AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL nature of their theory.    
> i guess the question is: what makes you passionate about Durrell's work because I can't for the life of me figure it out.  it seems you're more a couple of canines trying to protect your little piece of property rather than scholars open to a discussion, though you doth protest so much.  as a visitor i find the hospitality here to be quite wanting, the hosts highly defensive when questioned in their intellectual motives, methods and means.  they quickly get scared and start barking questions like, "what could you possibly want here?"
> and this is the last and best cowardly refuge.  amidst all of the rhetoric over the last 2 days not one of you has produced any evidence whatsoever, though i've repeatedly asked for it, to even come close to supporting this "revelatory" claim.  yes, we've wandered off into who really was Shakespeare, (and even though Will wasn't the author, he was also clearly hiding his true desire which changes our reading of sonnet 18 if we read sonnet 20 first...) but gotten no closer to Durrell's secret life he hid from his readers, friends, lovers, family and wives HIS ENTIRE LIFE that you are so focused on.   
> need i remind you, this is how it all started.  need i remind you, i'd be more than happy to alter my point of view should anyone actually produce something, anything of substance.  
> i'm assuming it's not going to happen.  carry on.    
>> On Jun 5, 2014, at 11:00 PM, James Gifford <james.d.gifford at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 2014-06-05, 10:45 PM, Lee Sternthal wrote:
>>> "Fox news," "racism," "privilege..." Some of you really throw around the
>>> semantics (and assumptions) when you don't hear what you want from a
>>> stranger.  It really stiphles.  Relax.
>> Lee, I can't find "racism" or "privilege" mentioned in the message you're responding to, so let's set them aside as reader-imminent associations that are unlikely to be shared by other readers.  And trust me, I'm relaxed -- even have a lovely glass of Corryvreckan making me more so.
>> Personally, I like hearing what I don't want.  The echo chamber dulls the ears.
>> What, then, if you'll say, makes you passionate about Durrell's works?
>> -James
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