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LD told me (and I put it in my book) that he considered The Revolt (a title he very much disliked) as his most important book. The Quartet as his most successful and the Quintet as his most ambitious and on the grandest plan. I tried to do justice to Tunc/Nunquam in my book.
But the 'Naos' angle escaped me until I was sitting in town one day and saw 'Naos ... Agios Nikolaos' or some similar saint's name on the entablature of the church beside the cafe. I realised then that I had missed something, but I'm still not sure what.
I'm not sure the discussion of this matter, so far, has enlightened me, but I've only had a chance for a slight reading of the several responses.

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First let me say how wonderful it is that the list has fired up again. Just back from 3 days in the Blue Mountains and truly astonished at the extent of correspondence - like something was missing in our lives. Now Revolt of Aphrodite has surfaced and all well and good. When I wrote the Durrell Miller program and interviewed Ian MacNiven and M Haag both said that these books  could do with more recognition in the context of Durrell's relevance to the current age of globalised corporate culture. Ian, I think, said that these book were conceptually very modern, quite advanced. To my knowledge there has not been much discussion of these book, certainly not since I got involved a few years ago.

This is certainly a place we could go.

Now, I've not read them, but think now it is time I should.


PS in terms of OMG 2016, I vote for Paris or Athens. Going to seriously try to make it this time

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> On 31 May 2014, at 2:14 pm, James Gifford <james.d.gifford at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bruce, I think this is very close to what Durrell was after.  He, of course, indulges the "dirty mind" element as well, but it's never terribly far from the sacred and corporate worlds of the book.  Rebirth is an explicit part of it as well.
> I've enjoyed the Revolt books very much, despite their lesser status for many readers.  You just can't expect them to be look like the Quartet or travel books.
> Best,
> James

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