[ilds] Durrell's residence in Alexandria

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You seem in the best position to write to the newspaper.  Please do and 
let us know the results!

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On 2013-09-09 6:32 AM, Lynn-Marie & Brewster wrote:
> On October 1, 1943, LD, Eve and their friends the Gotches moved into the
> house at 17 (now 19) rue Maamoun in Moharrem Bey.
> On May 30, 1945 LD traveled to Rhodes from Alexandria on a scouting
> mission. He returned to Alex on June 9/10. He and Eve departed Alex in
> mid-July and landed on Rhodes July 19.
> This information is readily available in my "A Chronology of the Life
> and Times of Lawrence Durrell."
>        Brewster

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