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Hello all,

I've just received a copy of Ray Morrison's last article.  It's well 
worth the time to read.

Morrison, Ray. "The City and its Ontology in Lawrence Durrell’s 
Alexandria Quartet." /Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study 
of Literature/ 46.2 (June 2013): 55-70.

Dawne McCance, who has interacted with several Durrell scholars over the 
years, made special comment on the piece for the issue's introduction:

"Dr. James Raymond Morrison, whose essay “The City and its Ontology in 
Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet” is published in this issue, 
passed away in Vancouver on February 22, 2013, after a brief illness. 
With Dr. Morrison too ill to do so himself, his nephew, Tom Mahaffey, 
guided the essay through the pre-publication copy-edit, telling us that 
it was a frequent topic of conversation between them prior to his 
uncle’s death. Mosaic wishes to acknowledge Dr. Morrison’s expertise on 
Lawrence Durrell and to express our sincere condolences to his family 
members, who now look forward to seeing his essay in print."

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