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Dear all,

While this does not directly relate to Durrell, I think the spirit of 
the enterprise may be of interest.



The Modernist Versions Project is proud to announce the "Year of 
Ulysses." As of today, the Modernist Versions Project is now on the web 
at http://www.modernistversions.ca! To mark the occasion, we have 
released the front matter and first three chapters of /Ulysses/ in 
high-quality page images taken from the 1922 first edition (available in 
.pdf and .txt formats). Please visit the site for details on our 
year-long celebration, featuring regular releases of more of the 1922 
/Ulysses/ culminating with the full novel on Bloomsday 2013, monthly 
live online chats about the novel, a series of lectures by leading 
figures in Joyce studies, and the "It's All About YoU" art competition 
with its $500 grand prize.

Click over to http://www.modernistversions.ca now to see more.

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