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that news that PGH was a friend of Larry's is interesting. I did not know this. I am always keen on Larry's connections to Australia. He knew Roy Campbell, an Australian Poet, in London in the 1930s, he and Nancy received some rough hospitality from Australian Soldiers during their escape from Greece, he and white may have met in Egypt during the war - they probably read each others stuff in later years. Any the PGH link is good as I am writing an article for publication, hopefully in the Sydney Morning Herald, to commemorate Durrell's birth centenary. I have also approached a friend who works for the Australian Broadcasting Commission about doing a feature on Durrell. She seemed very keen. If it goes ahead I may have to take time off work to help make it. Have to get Larry's name out there again. Currently enjoying 'Spirit of Place' - intriguing.


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Bless you, David.  We will miss you during the Durrell Centenary.

That is an interesting observation about Patrick White's life years and his Centenary.  In connection, I will also recall another 1912 - 1990 life -- that of the great Australian composer, Hellenophile, and friend of Lawrence Durrell, Peggy Glanville-Hicks.  

Our friend Jen Condon is busy doing live-rehearsals for the Durrell/Glanville-Hicks work, Sappho: Opera in Three Acts.  I hope that everyone will follow Jen's work and order a copy of the Sappho CD when it is released later this Centenary year.

We have much for which to be thankful -- especially for our friends, here and there, past and present.


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