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Dear Durrellians,

of course you are all getting very excited about the big 2012 centenary conference to which, sadly, I am unable to attend due to the usual boring reasons.

However, I bring to your attention that fact that Australia's most prominent novelist of the 20th century, Patrick White, lived the same years as Larry 1912 - 1990 and both had an abiding love of Greece and were in the Med. during the 1930s and 40s. I do not believe they ever met. White met a Greek, Manoli, and returned to Australia  where they lived together in Sydney until White's death. Both white and Durrell had rich evocative styles and were transfigured by landscape and a higher metaphysical relation to it; they were both colonials who eschewed Britain for the med. They were both upper class (the whites still have large estates in the Hunter Valley and New England areas of NSW - indeed I once went to a tennis party and piss up at one their places near Armidale, can't remember why) and wrote of the modernist angst of the unfulfilled journey, the non linear plot, all that. In both cases, their best work was being published at the same time and, certainly in this country, read by the same sort of people such as my parents.



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