[ilds] Paper Call for Edited volume on Modernism in the Mediterranean

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Surely the Mediterranean has always been a common  
physical sea shore to all these countries., 
whatever happened inside each country on that sea 
shore!!!! It has never divided but been a common 
sea shore!
This sea shore has melded the oldest traditions 
with the most modern!
@+ Marc Piel

Le 18/05/12 01:21, James Gifford a écrit :
> Hello all,
> This CFP may be of interest to many here -- the 
> editors specifically refer to Durrell's works in 
> the call.
> Best,
> James
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> Subject:     [Msa-discuss] Paper Call for Edited 
> volume on Modernism in the Mediterranean
> Date:     Fri, 26 Apr 2012 00:53:39 -0400
> From:     Adam Goldwyn <adam.goldwyn at lingfil.uu.se>
> To:     msa-discuss at jhupress.jhu.edu
> For those interested, please find below a call 
> for abstracts/papers for a proposed volume on 
> Modernism in the Mediterranean:
> Proposed Volume Title: /The Mediterranean and 
> the Mediterranean World in the Age of Modernity/
> Eds. Adam J. Goldwyn (Uppsala University) and 
> Renee Silverman (Florida International University)
> Call for Papers:
> For centuries, the Mediterranean Sea has both 
> divided and joined the many disparate nations, 
> cultures, language groups and artistic 
> traditions which flourished in the Mediterranean 
> Basin: the Maghreb, Iberia, Southern Europe, the 
> Balkans, the Levant and Egypt.  As a dividing 
> line and barrier to inter-cultural exchange, it 
> has allowed each of these regions and their many 
> cultures to develop unique artistic traditions.  
> As the major feature binding these diverse 
> cultures together, however, it has also 
> facilitated inter-cultural exchange.
> What happens, then, when these traditions 
> travel, meet and merge with each other?  How 
> does the host country adopt and adapt the ideas 
> and aesthetics coming from abroad to its own 
> native tradition?
> This volume will look at such pan-Mediterranean 
> artistic exchange (in literature as well as 
> film, painting, music, photography, etc.) 
> produced during or about the Modernist period, 
> roughly the last quarter of the 19^th century 
> and the first half of the 20^th. We welcome 
> papers addressing any aspect of Modernist and 
> /avante-garde/literature and art on four related 
> themes: first, papers which describe the 
> interaction of two or more Mediterranean 
> artistic traditions (international Futurism, for 
> example, or the reception of French Surrealism 
> in Algeria); second, two or more Mediterranean 
> cultures (Alexandria’s Jewish community or 
> relations between Greeks and Turks in Cyprus); 
> third, depictions of the Mediterranean itself 
> during the period (in, for example, Lawrence 
> Durrell’s /Bitter Lemons of Cyprus/or Henry 
> Miller’s /Colossus of Maroussi/); or, fourth, 
> the myriad forms of Modernist and 
> /avante-garde/art which emerged from a single 
> location (such as Cavafy, Marinetti, Ungaretti 
> and Durrell in Alexandria). Papers on similar 
> themes will also be considered.
> Email one to two page abstracts by June 15 to 
> Dr. Goldwyn at adam.goldwyn at lingfil.uu.se 
> <mailto:adam.goldwyn at lingfil.uu.se>
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