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Dr Anthony Hirst
Manager and Academic Director
Durrell School of Corfu
Philellinon 11
49100 Kerkyra



      J U D I T H


JUDITH is an adventure story set in the last years of the British 
administration of Palestine, 1945–48. Two love affairs are woven into 
the political maelstrom as the state of Israel struggles to be born. It 
remains a key text to the geopolitics which dominate today's continuing 
crisis in the Middle East, and especially the tension between Israel and 

Lawrence Durrell began to write JUDITH in 1962, in the aftermath of his 
worldwide success with THE ALEXANDRIA QUARTET. Initially it was a 
vehicle for a film of the same name starring Sophia Loren in the title 
role, with Peter Finch as her lover and Jack Hawkins as the principal 
British officer. Durrell said of Loren: "A sweet creature, great dignity 
and style". After the launch of the film by Paramount Pictures in 1966, 
Durrell rewrote the text, dividing the main character into two women: 
Judith, a scientist working on formulae vital to Jewish exploitation of 
oil reserves, and Grete, seeking her child and former husband, a Nazi 
colonel now working with the Arabs for the overthrow of the nascent 
Israeli state.

  Although completed by Durrell in the early 1970s, JUDITH remained 
unpublished, several versions being stored in an American university 
archive. It is the latest of these versions, portraying poignant 
personal circumstances in the context of a political thriller, which has 
been edited for publication by Richard Pine. His introduction places the 
novel in its political context and also in the context of Lawrence 
Durrell's oeuvre. Richard Pine is Director Emeritus of the Durrell 
School of Corfu, which he founded in 2001, and the author of LAWRENCE 
Lawrence Durrell, JUDITH, edited and introduced by Richard Pine 
(Kerkyra: Durrell School of Corfu, 10 June 2012), paperback, 295 pp., 
ISBN 978-0-9549937-4-0. Price 21.00 euros, 17.50 GBP, or 27.50 USD. 
Limited edition in a maximum of 500 copies. (Published by permission of 
Françoise Kestsman, literary executor for the Estate of Lawrence Durrell.)

The Durrell School edition will be a first edition, and a collectors 
edition. It precedes the commercial publication of JUDITH in e-book and 
print-on-demand formats by a commercial e-publisher in the USA later 
this year.

The Durrell School's limited edition is not a commercial venture, and no 
individual will benefit from the sales. After research and printing 
costs have been recouped, all proceeds  from the sales of the book will 
go to support the Durrell School of Corfu. Copies of the limited edition 
of JUDITH can be pre-ordered from our not-for-profit book-selling 
agency, Colenso Books.

Prepaid pre-publication orders are invited and an order form is 
attached. There are no arrangements for online payment, as our contract 
bars us from advertising or selling this limited edition online. But you 
can send cheques in pounds sterling, euros or US dollars to Colenso 
Books, 68 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST. Colenso books is registered as 
an Amazon professional seller with <amazon.co.uk>, but this book cannot 
be listed on Amazon for the reason stated. It is available exclusively 
from Colenso Books through direct ordering. Payment must be made in 
advance and either by cheque or bank-to-bank transfer.

Cheques in pounds sterling should be made payable to "Colenso Books".
Cheques in euros should be make payable to "The Durrell Association of 
Cheques in US dollars should be made payable to "Anthony Hirst".

If you prefer to make a bank-to-bank transfer, please email Colenso 
Books for details of the receiving account in the UK: 
colensobooks at gmail.com. If you would prefer to make a transfer to a bank 
account in the USA, or to a euro-account in Ireland, this is also possible.

If you are paying by cheque, you are advised to email advance 
notification of your order to Colenso Books. Your copy or copies 
(maximum 3 per order) will then be reserved for you for up to ten days, 
pending receipt of your order and cheque in the post. In the event of 
orders exceeding the available copies at the point when your order 
arrives, your cheque will be returned to you.

All questions relating to this publication or the terms of sale should 
be sent by email to Colenso Books: colensobooks at gmail.com.

Books will be dispatched within seven days of the publication date, 10 
June 2012, or when your payments has cleared, whichever is the later.

When ordering please include your email address, so that we can 
acknowledge your order.

Those of you planning to attend the International Lawrence Durrell 
Society's conference, "On Miracle Ground XVII", 13–16 June 2012 in 
London, or the Durrell School of Corfu's seminar "Lawrence Durrell in 
Corfu: A Centenary Reappraisal", 20-27 June 2012 in Corfu, will be able 
to collect your copies there, and avoid the posting and packing charges. 
But pre-ordering is a still advised as we expect this limited edition to 
sell out very quickly.

Prices in the three different currencies are as follows:

For personal collection in London or Corfu: 17.50 GBP / 21.00 euros / 
27.50 USD
For postal delivery to the UK: 20.80 GBP / 25.10 euros / 33.00 USD
For postal delivery to the rest of Europe: 22.30 GBP / 26.90 euros / 
35.40 USD
For postal delivery to the rest of the world: 24.90 GBP / 30.10 euros / 
39.50 USD

For 2 copies (orders for posting only), multiply unit price by 2 and 
deduct 5%
For 3 copies (orders for posting only), multiply unit price by 3 and 
deduct 10%

  The order form is attached in pdf format, for printing and completion 
by hand. The order form should be posted with your cheque to Colenso 
Books. (If not attached, order forms can be obtained by emailing Colenso 
Books: colensobooks at gmail.com).
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