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 From Brewster Chamberlin:

/A Chronology of the Life and Times of Lawrence Durrell/


Below please find several corrections to the LD chronology which some of 
you have purchased. Please print the sheet and place in your copies of 
the book.  Thank you.


Errata sheet

p. 15. March 14: A few years after this chronology was printed, Richard 
Pine discovered that the Pension Suisse was not at this time located in 
Capodistria Street, but rather on Moustoxidou Street near the current 
Serbian Museum. (RP note to BSC, 6 January 2011).

p. 16-17. October: Recent evidence (Theodore Stephanides, Autumn 
Gleanings (2011) pp. 28-29 and Joanna Hodgkin, /Amateurs in Eden/ 
(2012), pp.169-170) suggests the move to Kalami took place in April 
1936. Thus both Ian MacNiven (p. 126) and Gordon Bowker (rev. ed. p. 69) 
who date the move in October 1935 are mistaken.

p. 36. April 23: “rue Mammoun” should read “rue Maamoun”.

p. 41. Delete Ralph Ellison’s /Invisible Man/ from the list of books 
published in 1947.

p. 61: Fn 123 should read “Published in /Writers at Work: The Paris 
Review Interviews/, 2nd series, ed. by George Plimpton (Harmondsworth: 
Penguin, 1977).”

pp. 70-71: Late March and May 22: /London Magazine/ did not print an 
article by LD on Enosis. I thank Michael Haag for discovering this. /The 
Times/ published a letter from LD supporting Enosis on May 22, 1964.

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