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James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 07:52:39 PST 2012

Hello all,

I managed to trip Durrell into three different lectures yesterday and 
feel rather grand about it.  We raised a toast at home last night to Old 
D, and a second followed to the many good friends brought to us through 
his works.

There have been a number of updates in the Durrell 2012 facebook page 
today as well (follow http://durrell2012.com on facebook if you want!). 
  However, since I know not everyone stoops to the depravities of 
facebookery, I thought I should repost a little of what I've been sent:

Joshua Samuel Scobie reports that "Lawrence Durrell is this week's DNB 
Life"  http://www.oxforddnb.com/public/lotw/2.html

El Scob also notes "[Scottish Poetry Library] Director Robyn Marsack 
recalls a youthful first encounter with [Durrell's] poetry. But what 
does his work still have to offer?" 

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