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wonderful -- cook on.

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the celebration will hit Australia before UK and USA. I have purchased some
dolmades, tatziki and olives in anticipation of the event and will also get
some retzina and octopus .
 I have also spent today cooking Greek style slow lamb
Lord Larry is moving in the wine currents and speaking through the garlic;
essences of Corfu, Rhodes and Cyprus are rising like the scent of lemons and
the full moon;  dark globes of fruit and wine dark imaginings....the haunted
towers of Avignon and sun dazed groves of Greece, Nilotic silt and a shimmer
of Alexandria below the horizon.

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> Dear all,
> If I dare write it early, since it's now Monday 27 February in India, I
> hope you're all enjoying a favorite passage, poem, or book on the official
> Durrell Centenary today.  100 years ago today, Lawrence Durrell was born
> in Jalandhar.
> The ILDS panel at the Literature and Culture Since 1900 conference in
> Louisville was a grand success and a sample of things to come over the
> rest of the year.
> As the current ILDS President, I want to express my thanks to everyone who
> is working so hard to bring breathtakingly diverse projects to completion
> this year.  As my letter to the society membership will recount, there is
> an astonishing amount of work appearing in 2012, including new books, new
> editions, an opera, conferences, and so forth. Those who were in
> Louisville also already know about how much in the pipeline for Durrell
> 2012 (On Miracle Ground 17) in London this June --
> if you've not looked through the continually updated site, please do and
> consider subscribing to the updates (bottom right corner):
> http://durrell2012.com
> I should also make a point of acknowledging on behalf of the Society the
> enormously productive work done by Charles Sligh, both directly organizing
> the upcoming conference as well as encouraging and nurturing other
> projects that are culminating this year.
> Friends and colleagues, my very best to you for the rest of the centenary.
> I'll think of you all while reading through "The Sonnet of Hamlet" today,
> a poem that has muddled my mind over the past year, entirely due to
> Rosemary Thomas...
> I look forward to seeing you all in London!
> James
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