[ilds] The Durrell Centenary

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 13:14:24 PST 2012

Dear all,

If I dare write it early, since it's now Monday 27 February in India, I 
hope you're all enjoying a favorite passage, poem, or book on the 
official Durrell Centenary today.  100 years ago today, Lawrence Durrell 
was born in Jalandhar.

The ILDS panel at the Literature and Culture Since 1900 conference in 
Louisville was a grand success and a sample of things to come over the 
rest of the year.

As the current ILDS President, I want to express my thanks to everyone 
who is working so hard to bring breathtakingly diverse projects to 
completion this year.  As my letter to the society membership will 
recount, there is an astonishing amount of work appearing in 2012, 
including new books, new editions, an opera, conferences, and so forth. 
  Those who were in Louisville also already know about how much in the 
pipeline for Durrell 2012 (On Miracle Ground 17) in London this June -- 
if you've not looked through the continually updated site, please do and 
consider subscribing to the updates (bottom right corner):


I should also make a point of acknowledging on behalf of the Society the 
enormously productive work done by Charles Sligh, both directly 
organizing the upcoming conference as well as encouraging and nurturing 
other projects that are culminating this year.

Friends and colleagues, my very best to you for the rest of the 
centenary.  I'll think of you all while reading through "The Sonnet of 
Hamlet" today, a poem that has muddled my mind over the past year, 
entirely due to Rosemary Thomas...

I look forward to seeing you all in London!

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