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Mon Nov 14 00:08:44 PST 2011

Dear Tiberio,

I hope some of these (below) are a help, and I'm glad to hear the 
vampires have cavities -- perhaps you'll be fortunate enough to find 
they wear dentures these days...

I suspect that Carol Peirce's work would be of the most interest. 
You'll also find that the palimpsest is discussed passim in most major 
studies of Durrell's works, though that's not particularly helpful to 
point to.  The notion of the palimpsest has been discussed on the 
listerv before in relation to the composition of the Quartet itself as 
well as in relation to the return and rewriting that occurs in the 
narrative of the novel.

Is there a particular approach you have in mind or that you're 
considering?  I think you'll find there's a good deal of interest in the 


ps: do you have access to an academic library or database account from 
where you are?

Boccia, Michael. "The Novel as Palimpsest: The Alexandria Quartet by 
Lawrence Durrell." /Form as Content and Rhetoric in the Modern Novel/. 
New York: Peter Lang, 1989. 149-169.

Gifford, James. "The Corfiot Landscape and Lawrence Durrell’s 
Pilgrimage: The Colonial Palimpsest in ‘Oil for the Saint; Return to 
Corfu'." /In-between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism/ 11.2 
(2002): 181-196.

Peirce, Carol. "'Wrinkled Deep in Time': The Alexandria Quartet as 
Many-Layered Palimpsest." /Twentieth Century Literature: A Scholarly and 
Critical Journal/ 33.4 (1987): 485-498.

Zahlan, Anne Ricketson. "City as Carnival, Narrative as Palimpsest:
Lawrence Durrell's The Alexandria Quartet." /Journal of Narrative
Technique/ 18.1 (1988): 34-46.

On 13/11/11 11:01 PM, tib pas wrote:
> Good morning, the good news, at least as far as i'm concerned, is
> that i am about to embark on what i hope will be a meaningful
> discussion of the palimpsest in the AQ. the bad news is that most of
> my scholarly books and notes have been left behind in the States and
> that at this point my home port is in the middle of nowhere,
> specifically a gothic noplaceville in spooky Transylvania, where
> vampires are in need of dental work, not to mention scholarly
> material for LD-related work. The libraries in the capital are not
> any more bounteous in this respect either. So my question to the LD
> community is: would you be aware of significant scholarly work on the
> palimpsest in Durrell? Articles in journals?  Goes w/o saying i've
> been through the ILDS online bibliography but with hardly any luck.
> i will appreciate any suggestion.
> thank you.
> tiberio z. paskuy

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