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I've been told that cities have kept directories from the year dot. Did Oxford keep such a directory in the 50's? 

I just sent an email to Oxford to check -- but I'm  not sure I sent it to the right address.


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Subject: [ilds] Sky Blue Press - Nin's /Winter of Artifice/ on sale

Hello all,

This comes in from Paul Herron.  I've already ordered several of Sky
Blue Press's recently discounted titles, and many on this list would
probably wish to support the production of the Portable Nin reader by

You might also recall seeing the facsimile of Nin's /Winter of Artifice/
on sale during the Paris conference.  It's a very fine production and
makes a lovely pairing with your first edition copies of /The Black
Book/ from the Obelisk Press!  The price can't be beat...


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Dear Durrellians:

One of the three books in the Villa Seurat Series, printed originally by
Obelisk Press in Paris, is Anais Nin's 'The Winter of Artifice,' which
was funded by Lawrence Durrell in 1939. The book was banned from
English-speaking countries and its distribution in France was doomed by
war and the death of Jack Kahane, the publisher. When Nin came back to
America, she gutted the book, eliminating one story ("Djuna," which was
the fictional version of the Henry/June/Anais triangle, and was
personally edited by Henry Miller--which is obvious when one reads it)
entirely and "sanitizing" the others. A facsimile of the original
edition was made available in 2007 as a hardcover, and is being offered
for sale right now for $5.99 plus shipping.

I'm letting you know about this title because it is an important part of
literary history. You can see this and related books at

Best regards and amities,
Paul Herron
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