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On 8/17/11 3:52 AM, Richard Pine wrote:

>         On a quick count, at Paris there are approx 23 volumes and
>         issues of learned journals relating to Egypt and Egyptology. 

Thanks for this account, Richard.

Yesterday I wrote (but did not send) a note on the strengths and 
(special) limits of the Carbondale collection.  What you write above 
about the Paris holding chimes with my understanding.

>         The materials at Carbondale cannot be judged as the entirety
>         of -- or even a representative selection of -- "Durrell's
>         library" or "Durrell's reading."
>         Accurately viewed, the titles held at Carbondale are some
>         certain portion of Durrell's books -- books from which he was
>         willing to part in exchange for money at a certain moment in
>         his life.  Many more books never made it into the collection
>         at Carbondale.  Some of those "missing" books are in France,
>         held at Paris or in private collection.  Even more books were
>         shared out, gifted, lost, or otherwise scattered over the years.
>         "Scraps orts and fragments," but I would not bank any strong,
>         global pronouncement about Durrell's reading upon them.
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