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What I'd meant was that the sketch he published in 1942 includes "my 
wife" while the book in 1945 has only the mysterious "N." of uncertain 
relation -- it's a deliberate revision, so hardly accidental nor due to 
a casual oversight.

He wrote her out of the draft after having already mentioned her in 
print.  I doubt it was based on an intention to "lie" in the traditional 
sense of the term.


On 22/07/11 10:12 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> I'll have to read the sketch. I was unaware of it. This has been
> discussed before, but I think Durrell's "inventions" or fabrications in
> /Prospero's Cell/ are too elaborate to be the result of a faulty memory
> or a rush to capture fading moments.
> Bruce
> On Jul 22, 2011, at 9:35 AM, James Gifford wrote:
>> Have you compared the book to the sketch published while he was in
>> Egypt? The latter includes Nancy... The transformation from one to the
>> other is still overlooked in the scholarship even though the fragment is
>> quite brief and published twice.
>> There's an intriguing introduction to the /Middle East Anthology/ by
>> Waller and de Mauny as well commenting on the rush to set down memoirs
>> before the moment faded -- Durrell wasn't alone at that moment in his
>> creations.
>> Best,
>> James
>> On 22/07/11 8:14 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> 1. Fact: Lawrence Durrell published the memoir /Prospero's Cell/ in 1945.
>>> 2. Fiction posing as fact: Much of the content of that book.
>>> I once took no. 2 as fact, naively believing that Durrell truthfully
>>> reported people and events. I was wrong. Nancy Myers called it, "All
>>> lies."
>>> Bruce
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