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I'm not sure why it's said that Nancy called P's Cell 'all lies'. That certainly is not the impression to be gained from her biography by her daughter Joanna.

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1.  Fact:  Lawrence Durrell published the memoir Prospero's Cell in 1945. 

2.  Fiction posing as fact:  Much of the content of that book.

I once took no. 2 as fact, naively believing that Durrell truthfully reported people and events.  I was wrong.  Nancy Myers called it, "All lies."


On Jul 22, 2011, at 12:33 AM, James Gifford wrote:

Can you both be right?  "Facts" may be indisputable but equally useless 
>-- interpretations are shaky yet essential.  Of course, for "facts" 
>we're mainly dealing with words on paper, whether it's a legal document 
>or a book, and both have been known to lie or at least be subject to 
>revision a good deal of the time, and that's before we even consider our 
>various interpretive practices.
>Isn't there a series of novels that uses this problem as a central theme?
>The Durrellian "facts" have changed a good deal over time, and I've been 
>resiting the urge all day to quote 1933's "Bromo Bombastes":
>"It's facts that attract us
>   Facts that attract us
>       Facts, facts, facts.
>Let’s have no subterfuge,
>Let’s have a deluge,
>A cataract of facts."
>Surely LD took facts seriously enough to give them a chorus with such 
>gravitas, one followed by the East Wind swishing across the stage, 
>disguised in a beard...  Do you interpret this statement with irony?  Is 
>irony a "fact" or an interpretation?
>Some on the list may recall with pleasure the performance of this short 
>play in 2000 on Corfu with Jim Nichols offering his glorious "Gawd!" in 
>a lead role as the Reporter.
>On 21/07/11 6:20 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>Depends on what you call a "fact."
>On Jul 21, 2011, at 2:16 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>"Facts", by definition do not change, or they are not facts!
>Le 21/07/11 22:23, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>Facts, biographical and otherwise, are tricky things and change over time
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