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Note typo in my previous, should be:   

"and Now, in a new series and an enlarged format, [became] an anarchist-oriented review of the arts."

> A useful excerpt on this subject can be found in George Woodcock's
> "Anarchism, A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements" (Penguin,
> 1986 edition, page 382):
> "Shortly afterwards, in 1941, George Woodcock, who was already editing
> Now as a pacifist literary journal, joined the Freedom Group, and Now,
> in a new series and an enlarged format, because an anarchist-oriented
> review of the arts. Continuing until 1947, it published writings by
> poets and fiction writers from a wide range of the non-communist Left,
> and Julian Symons, who was one of the contributors, remembered it
> thirty years later as 'much the best periodical of a radical kind in
> England during those years...For anybody wanting to know what
> non-communist radicals thought and hoped during those years Now must
> be an indispensable document, as Horizon, for example, is not.' Among
> the writers who contributed to Now were not only avowed anarchists
> like Woodcock, Read, and Comfort, like Denise Lovertov, Kenneth
> Rexroth, and Paul Goodman, but also left-wing writers who at most
> could be regarded as libertarians, like George Orwell, Henry Miller,
> George Barker, Roy Fuller, Lawrence Durrell, Andre Breton, EE
> Cummings, Victor Serge, and William Everson."
> Robin Collins
> Ottawa
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