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this correspondence from Durrell to Miller does support the idea of Heraldic 
as to Herald in, a prophecy - if so then has LGD's prophecy/Heraldic 
universe come to be? Can we find keys to our world in his writings?  Durrell 
witnessed and I think enjoyed the cultural boom and freedoms of the 60s, 70s 
and even the 80s of the last century, but he died before the rise of the new 
Puritanism, Political Correctness and the surging power of the nanny state, 
not to mention the growth of terrorism..............what would Larry say 
today? where is his universe today?

If he was in Australia he might like the fact that you can get 6 litres of 
decent wine for 30 dollars, but would hate the fact that you cant smoke 
anywhere. He might also like the fact that checked flannel shirts are 
popular.... spiritually though...........mmmmm


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> James,
> You probably have a different take on this, but I'm thinking of Durrell's 
> famous letter to Miller (ca August 1936).  Namely, Durrell's statement: 
> "Art nowadays is going to be real art, as before the flood.  IT IS GOING 
> TO BE PROPHECY, in the biblical sense.  What I propose to do, with all 
> deadly solemnity, is to create my HERALDIC UNIVERSE quite alone."
> Durrell sounds as though he thinks he's doing something new.  I don't 
> think so, certainly not in the context of his immediate predecessors, the 
> High Moderns.  Yeats, Pound, Eliot, Joyce — weren't they all vatic poets 
> and writers?  Didn't they all claim to be creating new mythologies and 
> taking on the role of prophets of some new religion of art?  So, I don't 
> see Durrell's claim as radical as he seems to think.  Unless, and here's 
> the catch, unless he thinks his own personal contribution is unique — and 
> here is where I'd argue his "Heraldic Universe" is some variant on Taoism. 
> All this I've presented before.
> So what's your take?
> Bruce
> On Jul 17, 2011, at 1:12 PM, James Gifford wrote:
>> Hi Bruce,
>> I'm interested in this bit:
>> On 17/07/11 9:52 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> But "herald in" supports Durrell's own statements
>>> about prophecy.
>> Where does that lead you?  I'm curious.  Prophecy pops up a lot at this
>> time (late 30s, early 40s), so I wonder how you'd grow the notion.
>> -James
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