[ilds] on Durrell's anarchism

Robin Collins robin.w.collins at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:24:11 PDT 2011

A useful excerpt on this subject can be found in George Woodcock's
"Anarchism, A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements" (Penguin,
1986 edition, page 382):

"Shortly afterwards, in 1941, George Woodcock, who was already editing
Now as a pacifist literary journal, joined the Freedom Group, and Now,
in a new series and an enlarged format, because an anarchist-oriented
review of the arts. Continuing until 1947, it published writings by
poets and fiction writers from a wide range of the non-communist Left,
and Julian Symons, who was one of the contributors, remembered it
thirty years later as 'much the best periodical of a radical kind in
England during those years...For anybody wanting to know what
non-communist radicals thought and hoped during those years Now must
be an indispensable document, as Horizon, for example, is not.' Among
the writers who contributed to Now were not only avowed anarchists
like Woodcock, Read, and Comfort, like Denise Lovertov, Kenneth
Rexroth, and Paul Goodman, but also left-wing writers who at most
could be regarded as libertarians, like George Orwell, Henry Miller,
George Barker, Roy Fuller, Lawrence Durrell, Andre Breton, EE
Cummings, Victor Serge, and William Everson."

Robin Collins

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