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I'm sure David Holdworth's The Ambassador's Camel is well done and very amusing.  He knows both Antrobus and the Canadian diplomatic corps.  I don't hesitate to recommend the book sight unseen.


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> I believe a number of ILDS members are interested in references to Durrell’s works by other writers. For this reason I would like to bring to their attention my recently published book, The Ambassador’s Camel: Undiplomatic Tales of Embassy Life. This book was inspired in part by Durrell’s Antrobus stories and Pombal in the Quartet. One of the characters is in fact discovered reading  Esprit de Corps in his embassy office.
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> The book is a series of hilarious short stories satirizing the Canadian diplomatic corps and indeed, embassy life anywhere in the world. The stories are seen through the eyes of a senior Canadian diplomat, exiled as ambassador to a tiny Asian country called Bharalya, when he falls out with his new foreign minister. When he and his wife arrive, they are quite unprepared for the bizarre experiences they will share and the stark fact that for the embassy, there is simply nothing to do. They meet the king who's addicted to collecting medals from foreign governments, a junior diplomat who impersonates his own foreign minister, a visiting minister caught by the press in a brothel, and a travel-averse diplomat reduced to jelly by his one and only trip outside the capital. The ambassador’s major duties turn out to be attending flower competitions, Christmas parties, national day celebrations, golf tournaments and events with rented camels, where diplomatic conflicts almost turn into wars. And regularly erupting at the most awkward moments is the dreaded Bharali amoeba, scourge of the diplomatic intestinal tract. But all frivolity is set aside when the government threatens to close down the embassy; the Foreign Service springs into action, with surprising results.
> Lea Stogdale, another Canadian member of the Society, provided invaluable editorial advice during the writing of this book. It is available via most on-line booksellers such as Amazon.com.
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