[ilds] Could Durrell really swim "...as fast as a dolphin..."

Ken Gammage Ken.Gammage at directed.com
Tue Jun 28 13:04:10 PDT 2011

So asserted the late Patrick Leigh Fermor in a 2003 interview in The Paris Review. But could this have been literal fact? Opinion on the list appears divided: Sumantra, Billy, Bruce, James, Jimmy, Panaiotis, Richard, Don, Charles, Julie, Jacob, Marc, David and Bill may be prepared to agree that Durrell was indeed a good swimmer, while Grove, Jim, Anna, Roy, Anne, Pamela, Samantha, Rui, Gulshan, Sharbani, Leena, Ilyas, Merrianne and Yael likely feel that some poetic license was invoked. Brewster, Lee, John, Tib, Anthony, Frederic, Paul, Ed, Rony, Joan, DrD, Peter, Julia, Dorothy, Allyson, Christine and Sandy are keeping an open mind.
Next topic: was Larry truly proficient on the ocarina? Bruce says: "Probably."

- Ken

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