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Charles Sligh charles-sligh at utc.edu
Tue Jun 28 05:13:21 PDT 2011

On 6/28/11 3:04 AM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:

>         Charles...send the Cunard to Sydney...I'll be on it, first
>         class and no adjectival icebergs..
>         You will be pleased to know that Dark Labyrinth is now doing
>         the rounds of my year 12 students; Durrell will live on in a
>         new generation of young Aussies but perhaps not quite with the
>         same spectacular effect at Brett Whitley's Justine.

Will book your passage, David.

My booking info tells me the following about our Elite Class Cabins:

>         The profusion of small shelves, trinket drawers, book racks,
>         &c., in the state rooms certainly suggest that the designer
>         had an intimate knowledge of the essential requirements of
>         passengers especially of ladies, whose love of cupboards,
>         etc.. is almost proverbial. There is a large wardrobe in each
>         room, and, of course, the usual wash. stand, life-belt, racks,
>         hooks, etc. The general rooms are fitted in mahogany, and
>         upholstered ith plush or velvet, while the fittings are
>         electro-plated. Electric light and electric call bells add to
>         the very complete sum of comfortable surroundings.
>         Read more: Cabin Class Staterooms - 1893 Cunard Passenger's
>         Log Book
>         <http://www.gjenvick.com/HistoricalBrochures/Steamships-OceanLiners/CunardLine/1893-PassengerLogBook-Staterooms.html#ixzz1QZUQEIIj>
>         http://www.gjenvick.com/HistoricalBrochures/Steamships-OceanLiners/CunardLine/1893-PassengerLogBook-Staterooms.html#ixzz1QZUQEIIj

I will note here that Scobie himself was a man fond of closets (handy 
for his Dolly Varden) and cupboards, keeping "small shelves" close to 
his bedside (imported, Euston Road).

I am glad that you picked up Brett Whitely's /Justine/ 
at auction, David.  Your countryman Mick Thomas 
is a Lawrence Durrell fan, I think, so he might enjoy seeing the 
painting next time he is over at the beach house.

Excellent news about the young readers.  I am certain many of the 
students are "lifers" now.  Tell them, from here on out, "it's on his 
head," to quote your laureate.


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