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Your student might like to see Ralph Yarrow's article, 'Perception and Rites of Passage in Lawrence Durrell's The Dark Labyrinth and Thomas Burnett Swann's The Day of the Minotaur' in Donald Palumbo (ed.) Spectrum of the Fantastic London: Greenwood Press, 1988.

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Originally published as Cefalü, The Dark Labyrinth tells the story of a group of travellers who become lost in an underground labyrinth on Crete, a labyrinth which may or may not still be inhabited by the minotaur. The story unfolds with a peculiar blend of allegory and symbolism, which some readers have rejected as being too uneven. However, although it may be one of Durrell's more minor works, it's certainly an interesting one.
The last five words say it all.
Btw, one of my year twelve students is using Dark Labyrinth as part of her major project on 'The Labyrinth'. she enjoyed Durrell's book very and is interested in reviews, scholarship and so forth on it. Perhaps members of the ilds can, to use teacher speak, direct her learning. Marc Piel will be pleased to learn that the student in question is half French, the other half being Canadian of the non French Variety; plains of Abraham and all that.
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