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Read The Dark Labyrinth — it's pure pleasure and generally underrated.  You should also read Bill Goldshalk's response to the exchange.  It's relevant and important.  RW is an unusual guy with unusual things to say about LGD.  People should pay attention to him.  On 10 June 1968 I was separated from the U.S. Army (honorably, believe it or not).  The rest of the year was something of an alcoholic haze, although I did return to school to pursue other interests.


On May 27, 2011, at 7:37 PM, Ken Gammage wrote:

> Bruce, I printed this out at work today and just read it - very stimulating! Charles - you too sir. I read "The Roof of the World" chapter recently but I guess I'm going to have to read the whole book properly.
> I wanted to add two things: the first is, that extraordinary e-mail from Roy Hedges (which you responded to Bruce). The webpage didn't load at work, but he is now following me on Twitter - so when I got home I followed him in return and voted for him. 
> He seems to be just starting on Twitter, with many more followers to come shortly because of MOJO I'm sure) - but it occurred to me that we should ALL be on Twitter, even if some of us are unfamiliar or even not fans of it. Because a discussion about DL and LGD would be a minor revelation on Twitter, intellectually speaking.
> And the second thing is...Bruce - what were you up to in 1968?
> - Ken Gammage

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