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Yes, Othello has a very interesting time-scheme — the "two-clock" theory.  For, as many have pointed out, Desdemona, since arriving on Cyprus, did not have the time enabling her to commit adultery.  Moreover, that time-scheme relies on exaggeration — deceptive references to the long passage of time — which is intended to lull the audience into thinking a lot of time has passed, when in fact it hasn't, thus giving credibility to Othello's fears.  What we have in The Dark Labyrinth, as Charles discovered, is not so much a trick time-scheme as a jarring use of time or a lapse in narrative technique.  Or so I think re the latter possibility, Charles may not want to go that far.


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> Regarding time schemes, I think Shakespeare now and again has double schemes in his plays. Othello has both a long time scheme that lasts an indefinite amounth of time, and a short times scheme that lasts part of one evening in Venice, another part of an evening (Saturday on Cyprus)  and a whole day and evening (Sunday) on Cyprus). 
> Why did he do this? Because it fit into his plot. 
> Why Durrell played with time is more problematic, though some critics have speculated as to why. I leave you to their gentle mercies.
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