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On 5/17/11 12:29 PM, Marc Piel wrote:

>     Although he does say a few things that fit, for me Campion is the
>     least like LD, ... and when finally he doesn't know how to swim!

That is an interesting note about Campion's inability to swim, Marc.

I did note that Campion gets a paragraph in what might be called the 
"classic" style of /Justine/ &c.  Cf. the flashback beginning "At twenty 
a /fumiste/, at twenty-one a /pointilliste/, and twenty-five a Thomist[. 
. . .]" ("Campion").

Later in that same passage, the bit about Campion meeting the girl "on 
the Strada Balbi in Genoa" and "the broken down room over the wineshop 
with its cracked peeling cherubs" is High Durrell.  You can find this 
same moment of retrospective reverie (along with the shabby cherubs) 
repeating like a tattoo throughout the different novels, early (/Pied 
Piper of Lovers/), middle (/Justine/, /Clea/), and late (/The Revolt of 
Aphrodite/ and /The Avignon Quintet/).


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