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I was thinking today about texts in context. It it easy to suggest that after the Depression, the rise of Fascism and the World War Two that artists would contemplate a world without such horrors - an idylic Rhodes, a rebirth of soul life on Crete after the Dark Labyrinth or war, the utopia of the Roof of the World or indeed the speculative calm of the monastery enjoyed by Baird, Graecen, Alexros?

Durrell always sort islands of existence, actual or constructed not as a totality of experience but as a place to be from and to return to. The Roof of the World chapter has a scariness to it because they cannot get out. The way back is closed. It is quite disturbing in this way. Just as well Truman likes his wife..

Durrell could not have stood this for himself.  He liked to visit and be be visited.


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