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A possible origin of the 'minotaur' incident is to be found in Theodore 
Stephanides' 'Island Trails' pp. 54-58.
LD also wrote a play sketch (maybe in Paris, 1937) : 'The Maze: the guide dies 
while conducting a tour of the maze: leaving the dramatis personae lost in it: a 
boy, a girl, a parson, a policeman, a thief, an undertakere, a whore, an old 
lady: the stranger'.

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On 15/05/11 11:54 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
> the German use of the caves for storing explosives and the later
> instability of the caves as a result of the Germans blowing up their
> remaining munitions. It is clear from the novel that the caves were
> regarded as unsafe, so what befalls the cast has a basis in reality even
> if, in effect, the labyrinth is a metaphoric construct and the minotaur
> a useful imaginative projection of people's fear's and Larry's literary
> playfulness.

Good attention, David.  And kindred issues return in /Quinx/ nearly 40 
years later.

I'm convinced and will open my copy to the last chapter on the morning's 
train!  I have James Brigham's teaching notes on /The Dark Labyrinth/, 
which are rather elaborate.  I'll pull those out this week too and see 
what secrets Jay can contribute to the conversation.

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